The Edge of Chaos is a lite campaign that uses the Chaos Scar adventure path as a framework for something that will ultimately be broader and less rigid than the initial adventures.

Character building guidelines: PCs may use any race available with the DDI Character builder. PCs are restricted from using Hybrid classes. There will be no house-ruled character builds. PCs may select no more than one level 2 magic item, one level 1 magical item, an adventurer’s kit and up to 3 non-magical items to begin.

General campaign guidelines: Edge of Chaos is a campaign starting with characters at level one and will continue as long as we are having fun. The GM is not interested getting a TPK or an GM vs PCs type of game. The intent of the campaign is to bring as broad of a gameplay experience as possible. MinMaxing and power gaming is generally discouraged. The adventures paths used are available to all DDI subscribers, however reading them is discouraged as doing so will only ruin your own gaming experience.

Things you should bring: Dice. Your own set of dice is a necessity for quality gameplay. Borrowing dice during the game really slows things down to an arduous crawl. A miniature/marker/token to represent your PC on the game table. The level of accuracy of which a character is represented is up to the player, but an easily distinguished piece will aid quality play. Character Sheet. Printing, updating and managing a character sheet is the responsibility of the player.

The Edge of Chaos